Additional work on Accounting for Livestock Trading

MySql, Ajax, ASP.NET, Dundas Chart
MySql, Ajax, ASP.NET, Dundas Chart
This is full accounting software that work more like a costing software with identification of each animal, its periodic growth monitoring, relationship to the Standard Growth Monitoring Parameters, calculation of variance, feed analysis, feed stock costing, reorder points, daily consumption and so on. The database should be scalable so that future enhancements are made possible.

Client Comments
This was an extension of our earlier project. The deliverables of this project were very much in line with the broad scope of the project. This follow-on project was too complicated as it included a considerable amount of costing, analysis and comparative reports. Besides the regular accounting features, the software also covers live stock inventory tracking facilities that goes in finer details of monitoring the periodic growth of each animal that we have in the farm. The original accounting package, that eVsoft had developed earlier for us, was used as a premise for this application. They created additional facility for me, putting it on the web, to run the software right from my farms and laboratory. Yet the staff members use it from the main Support Office that we have in the town. The sales staff benefit from the software online from the market. eVsoft has made us a product worth the investments that saves me a lot in terms of our HR time and efficiency. Wow! If you need to secure ROI for your software spending, just hire them outright! Anybody seeking their assistance will be a successful entrepreneur, for sure

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