Ice Creamert Phase II

Description is the promotional website of the Ice Creamery to promote their products. The site gives a free membership on the Birthday Club. If you tell a friend! You will both receive a Free Birthday Gift from the Ice Creamy! After Sign-up, you'll get your FREE ice cream email five days before your birthday. You'll also receive a discount on a birthday cake! Members will also receive a newsletter from Birthday club. Locations of the Ice Creamery Franchise are available on the site with Maps. User can contact the site administrator by filling the Contact Us form.

Client Comments
It was a small job but BOOM they were done.

Key Features
  • Birthday Club
    Users can join the Birth Day club by Sign-Up. User will receive a free birthday gift from the Ice Creamery. The Ice Creamery will also send you an Email notification five days before your birthday and will give you discount on the birthday gift. If user tell his friend, both will receive a free Ice Cream.
  • Locations
    Locations with Maps of the Ice Creamery franchise are available on the site for the convenience of the users.
  • Newsletter
    User wills also receive a news letter after getting a membership of the Birthday Club.
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