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PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
LenderOffender.com is a website that allows you to post comments and upload photos of lender owned properties in your neighborhood. LenderOffender ranks lenders based on the number of blighted and non kept properties nationwide. LenderOffender's objective is not merely call attention to offensive lender owned properties, but rather to have those lenders take notice of their neglected properties and clean up what they've left behind. This site is design for those neighbors who live around such properties and provide them a way to let the owners of these properties get notice of their left alone and neglected properties.

Client Comments
This is an outstanding team to work with. Both Hamza and Farooq communicated in a timely matter, grasped the project concept and finished well ahead of what I expected. I had many demanding challenges and multiple changes and they never backed away from the challenge. I would highly recommend using this team!

Key Features
  • Administrator
    The administrator is the owner of the site. The administrator is provided with an admin panel, through which he can perform the following functions;
    � Site search
    � About us
    � Members management
    � CMS
    � Google Adds
    � Terms of Use
    � Privacy policy
    � FAQ
  • Type of Users
    The application provides the facility of managing multiple users;
    � General visitors
    � Registered users
    � Admin
  • Rankings
    Lenders are ranked based on the number of blighted properties they own nationwide.
  • Posting Comments
    Users can post their comments and upload photos of properties owned by lenders and individuals in their neighborhood.
  • Blogs
    The users of the sit can maintain their own blogs, where they can discuss about any abandoned properties around their neighborhood.
  • Google Adds
    Google Adds are integrated in the site.
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