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PHP, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, HTML
PHP, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WE ...
Icecreamery is a few pages yet fully functional web site for a birthday club, and offers customers to join in through a membership program. Birthday icecreams are offered for free to the registered members with newsletters and product promotions. A Page is dedicated to the locations showing stores and links to maps etc

Client Comments
I am very new to all of this web stuff and I could have not picked a better firm to help me through it. Usman was very patient answering all of my questions and explaining what things were and what they did, even setting up the cron jobs on my host for me and I still am not entirely sure what a cron job is yet. They kept pushing for the schedule-I appreciated that.They kept at it until I was satisfied it was perfect and that was long after the bill was paid. These people stayed committed to the job after they had the money I need to say more!

Key Features
    The welcome email body is sent to the user. The activation link is set from the section Edit User Welcome Email. This is the area where the admin sets the complete email body for the newsletters and the promos for the business.
    the area where admin manages some site settings along with managing the admin username, password email addresses.
    Admin adds as many birthday club alerts according to needs and specification. Here the Add Birthday Alert is where he handles the Birthday alert types.
    In the admin panel this is the section where admin can search the users according to the search criteria provided and also can check/ uncheck the status of the users accordingly
    We have set a Cronjob on the site executes on daily bases. This script checks if any of the birthday users are found in database and then sends an email with text accordingly.
    Its is where admin manages the text of the section, available on the site such as home text, privacy policy etc
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