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PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
Logotournament is a reverse auction based website where the posted projects referred to as "contests" are specifically design oriented, and include a wide range of tasks for which these contests are held online. They include Logo, Poster, Ads, CD Covers, Headers and Billboard designing. It offers a complete project management platform for efficient communication between the contest holder and the designers till the work is delivered and secure payments are made.

Client Comments
Willing to work until I was satisfied with the product - right to the very end, and I can be very demanding. They took it all in their stride and the job was finished as requested. Very pleasant to deal with - communication was constant. I knew exactly when they would be online and they always responded to my questions very quickly. I could not have asked for more. I would recommend them for any job.

Key Features
    Other than the Admin who is the overall controller of the site, two types of users interact over this portal
    1-CONTEST HOLDER is the user who posts the design contests, all their relevant descriptions, the price he is willing to pay, decides for the number of days contest remains open and finally selects the winning bidder.
    2-DESIGNERS are the users who make entries with their work which are publicly viewable.Once shortlisted and becoming the successful winning bidder, the same designer is called the "finalist".
    Separate forums are available for both the designers and the contest holders to discuss specific topics from their own point of view.
    The system supports all the general formats of uploaded designs, like GIF, JPEG, PSDs etc.
    Message board facilitates the users for two types of communication, one to one and one to many.
    Creating a design contest is a simple 6 step process, all guided by the system itself.These steps are important to respond to since designs and the subsequent job acceptance and payment processes need verifiable information that is fetched through them.Business nature, target market, styles expected, style sliders, are are important contributors of a thorough understanding of the designs needed.
    Payments can be escrowed to the company's account and then released once the designs that are upto the expectations are selected to be downloaded. The use of PayPal service ensures the security of every transaction.
    If the entries are lesser than the limit defined per contest duration, the activity restarts so that more entries can be received.
    The contest can also be placed hidden from the public viewing, search engine listings, and competitors, and charges a certain fee for this feature.
    Logo Court is the dispute settlement body of this system, neutral in nature and dedicated to resolving any unexpected disagreements arising between the participants of this system.Any case of cheating among the designers also goes to the court to accept or reject the ownership of designs claimed by more than one designer.
    A proper formula based ranking is present in the system, calculated on the basis of ratings from the contest holder on multiple categories. The final result is the ranking of designers as gold,silver and bronze medalists
    Member designers who have subscribed to new contests alerts receive email notifications. Also, any changes to the requirements, updates on getting selected or about payments are notified to the member designers through emails.
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