There has been a great support from eVsoft, right from the start of the project. They examined the referred website, made a thorough analysis of the website?s workflow; and suggested a few add-ons to the website that made my product a combination of great features. They always have an eye on the online marketing elements that are needed to populate the website. So most of the pages followed the three-click rule, meaning that the members have to reach their targets quickly with convenience. It seems that few of the modules were too complicated, yet the final product was rolled out with perfection in view of the fact that eVsoft team is skilled with more than thirty brilliant programmers?.And I have tested four of their Great Minds on my projects?..My feedback should be a source of confidence for the project owners planning to work with eVsoft?.Keep up the good work!      
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      They have done a very good job. They have not finishing providing us support until they have fullfilled all our requirements.      
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      Wazza.com is a hi-tech project that only a perfect team like evsoft can conceive and design. We have tested them time and again on our earlier projects, but this time they opted to have this project awarded on eLance. Perhaps they want to build up their profile here. Yes, this project is another feather in their cap. We will highly recommend them to others who want to get the best return for their investments. Besides an interactive front panel that is available to the site visitors in the areas for job seekers, employers and recruiters, the company also developed a backend Admin Panel that facilitates our staff to manage the site with convenience and in time-efficient manner. The team works wholeheartedly on their projects; and we are sure to receive their best services on future enhancements of the project. We bank upon them to make wazza.com grow faster. Their efforts guarantee success in your projects. Use the team with confidence!      
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      We were fortunate to pick EVSOFT for our project. They were selected after a thorough review of their skills and portfolio. Their initial PM impressed us , as they had actually read and understood the job requirements (most bidders never do that)! Their PM was specific to the job, and demonstrated their understanding! We are glad that they fulfilled their commitment and we received a project that has exceeded our expectations! They have warranted the job and have said that if we find any bugs or problems they will fix it for free for 60 days! WE HAVE BEEN SO IMPRESSED BY THEM THAT I HAVE GIVEN THEM MORE WORK ON MORE WEBSITES!! THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!! They are very dedicated to making sure the job is done to your satisfaction! PICK EVSOFT for your next job - you will be happy you did!      
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      Evsoft is an excellent company to hire for all your web projects. They stay in communications with you, and they will not stop working until you (The Customer) is satisfied. In the beginning, I chose Evsoft because of their HIGH rating from 100+ satisfied customers. I am adding my company to this 100+ list of satisfied customers. Thanks you Evsoft for your excellent work with my web projects      
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      I am absolutely impressed with the work done by this company. They exceeded my expectations and delivered more than I had espected. Thanks on a great project and I look forward to working with you again.      
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      This was an extension of our earlier project. The deliverables of this project were very much in line with the broad scope of the project. This follow-on project was too complicated as it included a considerable amount of costing, analysis and comparative reports. Besides the regular accounting features, the software also covers live stock inventory tracking facilities that goes in finer details of monitoring the periodic growth of each animal that we have in the farm. The original accounting package, that eVsoft had developed earlier for us, was used as a premise for this application. They created additional facility for me, putting it on the web, to run the software right from my farms and laboratory. Yet the staff members use it from the main Support Office that we have in the town. The sales staff benefit from the software online from the market. eVsoft has made us a product worth the investments that saves me a lot in terms of our HR time and efficiency. Wow! If you need to secure ROI for your software spending, just hire them outright! Anybody seeking their assistance will be a successful entrepreneur, for sure      
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      I am pleased to endorse my feedback on my project done by eVsoft. They discussed the project with me in advance and we jointly arrived on a strategic work-plan for Community Site for Social Networking. Since the team has already developed a few successful Social Networking Sites, no wonder that they proposed a new scenario for this Community Site. They know what is happening on the web as a social networking fab these days. Their wide experience helped them in rolling out the project to my satisfaction. Since they have exceeded my expectations on this project as well (like my earlier project), I can very comfortably recommend them to anybody who wants to get the project done with perfection. Great Service!      
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      Do yourself a favour, use Evsoft. If I could have given a higher score, I would have. They were amazing and the price, speed and quality of their work is exceptional. Shahid and Azhar were truly delightful to work with. They went above and beyond what was asked, made helpful suggestions and continually worked until I was completely satisfied with the end product. I have used many companies on elance and other outsouring sites and they are easily the best I have ever dealt with. They are now my provider of choice and I have many more projects for them to work on. I had a problem with another provider with this project and EV soft took over half way through and delivered when the other company could not, in 1/5th the cost and in 1/4 the time. They are true professionals. I thoroughly recommend them. They are a smart choice.      
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      AAA+++++++++ PROVIDER. I will do business again.      
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